Real Name: Jorj
Race: Crabi (human slang terminalogy – Actual race name is a series of clicks & whistles)
Birthplace: Unknown
History: Little is known about Jorj’s early life. He was a intergalactic trader for some time, specializing in trade in fringe worlds and outposts like Earth, Moohoovan Station and Tars Station. He employs three plactori crewmen; the dimwitted (even by plactori standards) Linni, the war vet Morock, and the slovenly Tubbs. He’s also known to abduct homeless beings to use as slave labor.
Profession: Trader of illicit goods.
Temperament: Jorj is personable and a smooth talker. He genuinely cares for those in his care, crew and slave alike and strives to be a good boss/owner. Like all crabi Jorj is primarily money-driven and always looking to make more money (and spend as little as possible). He is duplicitous and even the truth is distorted to serve his purposes. He’s a great guy to have a drink with, but do not buy any ‘prime’ real estate from him…
Abilities: Con man with a pleasing personality and smooth talker. Like all crabi he’s has a protective shell that can withstand tremendous physical trauma and a large pincer claw that can crush rocks or easily tear a plactori’s foot clean off. Even McMacazorkians (the strongest known race in the galaxy) fear a crabi’s claw crush. Crabi’s can live equally well in air or water environments.
Height: 3′ tall (eye stocks, 2.5′ tall to back of shell)
Weight: 280 lbs

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