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Race Name (human coloquial): Plactori
Race Name (proper): Plactori
A.K.A.: Pink Elephants
Tech Level: Primitive. However, as they are sponsored and partners of crabi they have (limited) access to highly advance tech.
Galactic Distribution: Widely distributed as servants to crabi.
Appearance: 19-22′ tall, pink-skinned bipeds – humaniod with horse-like face and elephant-like ears. Small nub tails (usually hidden in pants) and walk with a forward hunch. Diamond-shaped blank eyes. Hair on the tops of their heads, similar to humans but found only on the top, between the ears, not the sides.
Traits: Plactoris are a sentient, gigantic bipedal species of very limited intellect. The are as smart as a 8-11 year old human child. They never evolved beyond a stone-age tribal civilization, usually with a physically dominate male leader but in some tribes, a intellectually dominate female leader. They are social and like to be around others. They are highly loyal to their leaders, even to the point of death. Plactoris are crabis are unique in the galaxy as they evolved on separate worlds within the same solar system with crabi’s living on the 4th world and plactori’s on the smaller, warmer, 3rd world in the crabi system.
History: Although plactori’s evolved hundreds of thousands of years before crabi’s, they never evolved past a stone-age tribal civilization. While some tribes did have a rudimentary written language of pictographs, aside from petroglyphs, there is no recording of pre-crabi history. Once the newly space-faring crabi arrived on their world, they at first befriended and then began centuries long trade with the plactoris, which set the plactoris on a path to a more structured society. In time, crabis built ships large enough to transport plactoris and the two races became nearly inseparable. Crabis valued the plactoris for their loyalty and willingness to work hard menial jobs for sustenance. Plactoris in turn valued crabi for their technology, intelligence, leadership and for giving them purpose and life beyond merely surviving another day in the harsh home world environment. Once crabis joined the fledgling Galactic Federation, they become the first race to ‘sponsor’ in another race that otherwise would never qualify. Plactoris can now be found across the civilized galaxy, almost always in the service of a crabi.

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