Real Name: Green-Orange-Blue-Beige-Yellow (common name, proper crystalonian name is a combination of two hundred color flashes)
Race: Crystalonian
Birthplace: Crystalonian homeworld (common name, Crystalon)
History: GOBBY’s early life is a mystery, but while working for an eufonian bank, he embezzled millions but management caught on and he went on the lam, eventually being caught by the bounty hunter Vanguard and his crew, who turned him over the to eufonian authorities. Prison life didn’t agree with GOBBY who already reclusive, arrogant and intolerant, became even more callous. He cleverly devised an escape and creating a riot as a diversion, escaped but not without mortally wounding some of the guards. This made him a renegade even amongst his own kin and he again went on the lam. A porcupinian police force found him and fearing for his life (as porcupinians and crystalonians are ancient enemies) he slaughtered them. A reward was put on his head and once again, the bounty hunter Vanguard (now familiar with his tactics) caught him and turned him over to authorities. GOBBY escaped the porcupinian prison as well, again slaying several guards. A large bounty is out for him but he has not been seen since.
Profession: Criminal, murderer, embezzler, former banker
Temperament: GOBBY has a callous disregard for the world around him. Narcistic, arrogant, reclusive and intolerant of others. GOBBY generally just wants to be left alone. GOBBY has very few he’d consider friends, but those that do right by him, he’ll do his best to do right by them. His embezzlement and subsequent run-ins with the law have caused him to become a pariah to the galaxy and his own race, causing someone prone to isolate to become truly isolated.
Abilities: Light all crystalonians, GOBBY can absorb, manipulate and shine light in a wide variety of ways, but most dangerously, as laser beams that he emits out of his extensions. He rides a hoverboard (as crystalonians move extremely slowly) and flies everywhere on it, virtually never leaving it except for repairs or other exceptional reasons.
Being silicon-based he is more resilient to temperature extremes and could even live – briefly – in the vacuum of space. Crystalonians do not breathe or eat as carbon-based lifeforms do, but do require an abundant supply of light to feed off. They can ‘store’ light internally (naturally and artificially), and will feed of such ‘stored’ light overnight or when otherwise cut off from light, but otherwise a deprivation of light will soon put a crystalonian into a coma-like state until light again becomes available. Crystalonians can move, but not in the same way carbon-based lifeforms do. The lack joints but can grow and shrink and shape crystal extensions to waddle and manipulate objects, but what most lifeforms can do in minutes can take them hours to perform.
Height: Varies (can shapeshift) but generally 4-5′ tall
Weight: approx 1 ton

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