Real Name: Captain Jerrreecko Krrrsskyk
Race: Porcupinian (Earth common slang)
Birthplace: Grrrithkathk-Ckirrrggik (roughly translates into ‘Battle of Blood River City’)
History: Vanguard speaks very little of his past. What is known is he was dishonorably discharged from the porcupinian military (where all young porcupinians serve a term). As honor is incredibly important to porcupinians, Vanguard seeks to redeem his by becoming a bounty hunter of distinction.
Profession: Captain of the Vanguard (spaceship), bounty hunter, mercenary
Temperament: He’s an jerk. He knows he’s an jerk. If you have a problem with it, that’s your problem. Takes care of his crew, like family. Tactical genius but very impulsive.
Abilities: Like all porcupinians, Vanguard is stronger than a human (about equal to a gorilla), double-jointed, covered in quills, and has superior senses of sight, smell and hearing. He’s also military trained, sharp-shooter and cosmic surf-boarder.
Height: 7’6″ tall (9′ to tip of quills)
Weight: 375 lbs

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