Real Name: Compupal #KB01689 (modified)
Race: none – personal assistance droid
History: Vanguard won Shipwreck (previously called K-9 by previous owner) in a bet. Unhappy with the loss and Vanguard’s ego, the loser reprogrammed the compupal to be condescending and disparaging to Vanguard before handing him over. Vanguard quickly renamed the compupal Shipwreck due to the constant put-downs.
Temperament: He’s helpful, eager, and uncompromisingly honest (even when he really shouldn’t be). He is free thinking, if not free-willed. He is completely obedient to Vanguard.
Abilities: Has a huge database of general knowledge about everything known in space and an opinion on it. Has various tools and appendages for effecting repairs, self-defense, analysis, translation of languages, etc. Equipped with anti-gravity pads, enabling flight and carrying of heavy objects.

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