Real Name: Morock
Race: Plactori
Birthplace: Unknown
History: Morock was a former commander in the Plactori armed forces prior to becoming a laborer for a crabi who later bequeathed him to his son Jorj. Morock is the lead laborer for Jorj, overseeing the dim-witted Linni and slovenly Tubbs.
Profession: Lead Manual laborer
Temperament: Confident, gruff and in charge. Morock is a stalwart companion to Jorj and is key to keeping things on track and orderly in Jorj’s affairs.
Abilities: Like all plactori, Morock is a giant compared to most races and is comparatively stronger than most races. However, their size is somewhat misleading, as they evolved on a low gravity world, so they are not as strong, or tough, as you’d think. Comparitively though, Morock is a tough, well-built plactori and not to be trifled with.
Morock is a expert fighter in melee combat and with most plactori weapons.
Height: 20′ tall
Weight: 14 tons

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