Real Name: Unknown
Race: Plactori
Birthplace: Unknown
History: Little is known about ‘Tubbs’ prior to him coming into the employment of the crabi trader Jorj. Jorj acquired Tubbs in a trade deal with Tubbs former employer, how good a deal that was for Jorj is up for some debate. Tubbs currently remains in the employment of Jorj, doing menial tasks – often poorly.
Profession: Manual laborer
Temperament: Slovenly, laid-back and generally disinterested. Tubbs just wants to be left alone with his food and favorite entertainment.
Abilities: Like all plactori, Morock is a giant compared to most races and is comparatively stronger than most races. However, their size is somewhat misleading, as they evolved on a low gravity world, so they are not as strong, or tough, as you’d think. Comparitively though, Tubbs is a plus-size plactori, and has been known to throw his weight around – to devastating effect..
Height: 20′ tall
Weight: 16 tons

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