Location: Located in the mid-arm of the Pegasus arm of the Milky Way galaxy in the Bovine system. The last major intergalactic space station before entering the ‘outer rim’ of less evolved and populated parts on the Milky Way. Closest station to Earth and the only intergalactic station humans have the capability to reach.
Description: Moohoovan Station is an older station, past it’s prime but well maintained by the Bovines. It’s the size of a small city and provides a major exchange point for trade and transport to the outer rim of the Pegasus arm and other nearby systems.

Population: Approx 30,000 beings reside on Moohoovan Station with an additional 5,000 non-residents at any time from docked ships. Although you’ll find most of the common races here, the population is largely made up of local species such as bovine, mermaid-eel, tripid, and occasional cetacean.
History: Build about three hundred years ago at the apex of the expansion of trade and relations with, what was at that time still considered, outer rim races. The station is old, but well maintained but centuries of upgrades and repairs are ever evident.

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