Real Name: Unrevealed
Race(coloquial): Oviraptor / gryphon / griffon
Birthplace: Unrevealed, presumably the home world of his kind
History: Little is known of Drifter’s past, which is how he likes it. He served in the military for a time, and at some point migrated to arms dealing, before moving into mercenary work. Currently he’s a gun-for-hire for Captain Jerrreecko (Vanguard).
Abilities: Like any of his kind Drifter has the ability to fly. Unlike birds, he still has fingers on his wings which he can use (to fire a gun while in flight, etc). Also a superior runner to humans capable of speeds up to 60 km/hr for short durations. His vision is far superior to humans, enabling to pick up same details on ground level while high in the air.

He has sharp claws, especially on his feet, including a retracted large sickle claw use for gouging prey.

Drifter is a weapons expert and can deftly use a wide variety of firearms and some melee weapons. He’s also well informed on explosives and other military equipment.

Drifter is an adrenaline addict and consistently seeks out life-or-death situations, which is why he’s a mercenary. He otherwise has a distain for money and the wealthy, and sees himself as the ‘Robin Hood’ type (or rather a local equivalent) doing daring deeds and giving the money to the needy.
Height: 5’4″, 7’5″ from head to tip of tail, wingspan 25′
Weight: 157lbs

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