Real Name: Unknown
Race: Dzillarton aka ‘Kittens’
Birthplace: Unknown
History: ‘Butch’ as his friends call him, was a school bully who graduated to the military. After a few years of service, he tired of the strict structure and force morals, and began to hire himself out as a mercenary. He became a regular partner to the quarrin Ubla and they in turn joined up with Jerrreecko (Vanguard) – who owns his own military grade starship – to become galactic bounty hunters.
Profession: Mercenary and bounty hunter
Temperament: Good natured, loyal, obedient, and trusting. Butch lives by a ‘work hard, play hard’ ethic and can be counted on equally to be fully committed and focused on the mission at hand, but also, to be spending his hard earned cash on living large – partying, drinking, and pursuing women. A notorious womanizer, equal parts charm and sleaze, he has numerous children for numerous female dzillarton across the galaxy.
Quick to jump into action and over-confident in his (and his leader’s) abilities. He’s a excellent follower to the impulsive Captain Jerrreecko (aka Vangaurd). He’s also a cup-half-full kind of guy, always looking at the positive which is a welcome counter-balance to his quarrin partner, Ubla, the cynic.
Abilities: A ferocious melee combatant, with large claws. Like all dzillarton he can stand on all four ‘legs’ with two arms, or erect on two ‘legs’ with four arms (for short durations). Military trained in combat and weapon skills. Deadly with a blaster. Stealthy with a fart.
Height: 5′ tall while on all four, 8′ tall standing on two legs.
Weight: 250 lbs

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