Real Name: Linni
Race: Plactori
Birthplace: Unknown
History: All that is known, is Linni is a long-time companion and indentured servant to the crabi Jorj. Jorj seems particularly fond of Linni, perhaps due to, or in spite of, his lower than average mental capacity (even by plactori standards).
Profession: Manual laborer
Temperament: Sweet and well meaning. Linni is highly sensitive about his intelligence and quick to anger if he’s feeling slighted or insulted. Linni has simple pleasures, and takes joy in the simplest of things. He’s upbeat and positive, always seeing the best in others and any situation.
Abilities: Like all plactori, Linni is a giant compared to most races and is comparatively stronger than most races. However, their size is somewhat misleading, as they evolved on a low gravity world, so they are not as strong, or tough, as you’d think. Indeed a crabi’s claw and rip through a plactori’s flesh with ease, and even snap bone.
Linni is very obedient and loyal, doing anything that his master asks.
Height: 20′ tall
Weight: 13 tons

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