Race Name (human coloquial): McMacs
Race Name (proper): McMacazorkian
A.K.A.: Goros
Homeworld: McMacazork
Tech Level: High
Galactic Distribution: Found broadly throughout the civilized parts of the galaxy
Appearance: Their are three distinct racial varieties of Mcmacazorkians. All Mcmacs are four-armed bipeds, similar to humans except with cranial ridges instead of hair, large lower canines, closable ‘blowholes’ instead of a nose and a complete lack of hair. Their homeworld gravity is 3.5 times that of Earth making them the strongest of the known races.

By far the most common species of McMacs are the ‘yellows’ with pale to bright yellowish skin and one to three purple cranial ridges (and occasional facial ridge(s)). 4.5′ to 5′ tall. Heavily muscled, but are actually the weakest of the Mcmac races.
Uncommon but still found in the galaxy are the ‘green’ variety, which are larger, 5-6′ tall, stronger, and have lots of blue cranial ridges that cover their heads (and faces in males) and hang down like dreadlocks, commonly braided.
Very rarely seen off the Mcmac homeworld are the ‘oranges’ the tallest of the species at 6-7′ tall, although they are slender in build compared to the others. They have numerous thin red cranial ridges which often form integral patterns that can hang down past their skulls or chins in males.
Traits: Mcmacs are a friendly, mature and well established race. They are by nature highly competitive and being the strongest race, can come across as jerks to other races, as they are sure to flaunt it.

Mcmacs are found in all sorts of fields of work but are perhaps best known, unfortunately, for their very well intrenched maffia that spans all of Federation space. Working for the Mcmac maffia is a good paying career where you are treated as family and with respect by everyone. The maffia takes great care of their own, and rather ruthlessly brutal care of their enemies.
History: One of the oldest members of the Galactic Federation, belonging to the ‘2nd tier’ races that formed the early Federation. That is, once the Federation was created by the initial group of six races (Wadring, Porcupinians, Crystalonians, Plantis, Tawangese and Xylantarians) Mcmacs were one of the races asked to immediately join. They saw this as a way to extend their power and influence, along with trade and immediately signed up.

Despite their perchance for organized crime, Mcmacs value cooperation and fair trade (they just don’t like to be told what to trade…) and are a peaceful race, however, they can be dangerous opponents with long memories and grudges if you wrong them somehow.

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