A Beauty and a Bruin Stranded in Space - So Begins the End.

The Story

Rose, a young human, is stranded in space with only her wits, skills, and the help of a quick-tempered, super-strong 'teddy bear' known as Brute, to keep her alive. Together Rose and Brute must contend with slavers, bounty hunters, criminals, pirates and, worse of all, each other, while trying to find a way to get to the home Rose has never known: Earth.

The Heroes

Rose - human female, martial artist specialist with blades and grenades, harbours trust issues, wants to find 'home' - whatever that is.

Brute - bruin male, immensely strong pugilist with anger issues - has a heart of gold, but only hate for himself.

Vanguard - porcupinian male, captain of the Vanguard and leader of the galaxy's worst bounty hunters, burdened with glorious purpose and little patience.

The Series

As the series progresses, it will follow Brute, Rose, Vanguard and company on their adventures as galactic bounty hunters out to find fame, fortune and enough fuel to get to their next job.

BRUTE is the story of broken people coming together to form a dysfunctional family, trying to do the right thing, but not always for the right reasons or in the right way.

Its a story about overcoming our greatest enemy - ourselves - to live life to the fullest - through heart-warming and occasionally tragic adventures of Brute and friends.

Our Team

T. Preston Squire

Writer / Creator

Owen Keenan

Artist Brute Vol #1

Brooke Newhart

Color Artist Brute Vol #1

Zdravko Girov

Artist Brute Vol #2

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