Real Name: Kodee a Kamis
Race: Unknown – unofficially classified as ‘Bruin’ by Rose Kahn
Height: 2′ tall
Weight: 1440 lbs
Birthplace: Undocumented world he calls ‘Bru’
History: According to Captain Jerreeecko Brute was a stowaway aboard his vessel, however, Brute tells a very different tale of having saved Jerreecko’s life and having been invited to join the crew – a story no one can corroborate.
Profession: Bouncer, pugilist, claims to have been an ice miner on Bru.
Temperament: Good natured, sweet, bold, straight talking, cocky, easily offended and quick to anger.
Abilities: Brute’s homeworld is unknown but based on his physical make-up it’s gravity is far stronger than life should be able to exist on. Due to the crushing gravity of his homeworld Brute is the strongest being in the galaxy, has incredibly quick reflexes, extremely dense, nearly impenetrable, and a particularly small stature for his mass (which makes him look far more harmless than he is).

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