Tars Station

Location: Tars Station is located on a large asteroid, circling a red dwarf star, in the remnants of galaxy long ago shallowed up by the Milky Way. It sits outside the plane of the Milky Way, 40 parsecs from the closest inhabited world. From Tars Station the Milky Way galaxy is the dominate skyscape.

Description: Tars Station is a ramshackle settlement on an asteroid which grew from a pirate encampment into a safe haven for pirates and other criminals on the run. It’s exact history has been lost, other that the pirate Tars first used it as a safe haven to hide his considerable loot and himself – far from any authority or even bounty hunters. Over the centuries it has grown into a proper settlement with an landing strip, medical facilities (albeit limited), and even bars, merchants and other necessities for day-to-day life. Many highly wanted criminals have made a life on Tars although the majority of it’s inhabitants are transient pirates looking for safe haven when they’ve drawn too much attention to themselves.

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