Real Name: Rosita Maria Kahn
Race: Human (female)
Birthplace: Queezzeenee Research Space Station – Outer edge of Pegasus Arm
History: Rose is the first-born to human scientists, (Maria Santiago & Muthan Kahn), who were living aboard a remote intergalactic research station studying an anomaly. Eldest of 5 children, her family were the only humans Rose has even known. Once she turned 14, her parents decided to send her to Earth for a year to learn human culture. After leaving for Earth the research station was attacked and destroyed and Rose ended up being abandoned on an intergalactic space station. She had to learn to survive on her own, with only her cat, Caesar, to depend on (somewhat… cat’s are fickle).
Profession: Bartender, bounty hunter
Temperament: Sweet, kind-hearted, and compassionate but hardened by many betrayals of trust. Bold, untrusting, and overly self-reliant. Unafraid to go after what she wants.
Abilities: Rose is taught in intergalactic martial arts, swordsmanship and always carries a range of rose-shaped grenades each with it’s own unique properties.
Height: 5’11’ tall
Weight: 160 lbs

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