Life in the Bruteverse is one of amazing technological achievements often with synergistic balance with a world’s natural environment creating gorgeous, safe and substantial living environments for those on high-tech, civilized worlds. However, in the colonies and especially in the vast spans of uncolonized space, it can be a hostile, lawless society where nothing can be taken for granted and it’s a kaynynth eat kaynynth galaxy.

In these spans where even the law fears to tread, you’ll find prospectors looking to stake a claim, traders and smugglers taking highly valued cargo from the more remote regions to the capital worlds, colonist trying to create their own unique way of life, thrill seekers, avant garde tourists, criminals on the run from the law, and those that prey on the rest – pirates!

Like the old Caribbean seas on Earth, piracy can be a lucrative career for those of fewer morals. So if you’re travelling off the well established trade or travel routes between main systems, you’d better have a very fast, a heavily armed or high-tech cloaked starship. If you don’t, then you’ll need to hire protection in the form of mercenaries and bounty hunters.

Professional bounty hunters

Mercenaries are also commonly hired to settle disputes, large and small, without direct involvement that might attract unwanted legal entanglement. Bounty Hunters are also busy with hunting down a never-ending list of bounties – criminals on the run who are believed to now be located out of civilized space (or perhaps in civilized space but beyond the law’s ability to find or reach). So finding a professional group to guard your cargo or yourselves can be a very expensive endeavor.

Fortunately, (or not), there are groups like Vanguard’s (Captain Jerrreecko). Those with a talent for violence but a temperament to stay on this side of the law. Are they the most effective, well prepared, trained guns for hire? Heck no! But they are what you can afford, so that, with a prayer to the Essence, is all the protection you have while you embark on the avails of the uncivilized majority of the galaxy.

Ones you can afford…

These groups (like the pirates) are often made up of a hodge-podge of races from across the galaxy. In Vanguard’s we have: himself – porcupinian, Rose: human, Brute: an unclassified primative race, Butch: Dzillarton, Stretch: Wadring (see Stretch’s new character and race listings!), Ubla: Quarrin, and many more we’ve yet to properly meet!