Real Name: Unpronounceable (a stank odor)
Race: Wadring (aka ‘globs’)
Birthplace: Garbage chute of a intergalactic space station
History: When a Wadring splits (into two separate completely independent Wadring) it’s usually a celebration of life, but not in Stretch’s case. His originator, a renown galactic smuggler, owned a one person star-ship and an ‘omni-weapon’ (see below), neither of which we was willing to compete with his off-spring for. So when the time for his split came, he poured the half of himself that would become ‘Stretch’ down a garbage chute of the closest space station. His plan worked in part, he was able to return to his starship without his new off-spring, but his omni-weapon, a living creature that psionically attaches to it’s host for life, left him to remain with the new version of himself. This was a devastating loss, but one he was powerless to stop. The new Wadring (who’s name is the smell of their birthplace) used the omni-weapon to escape from the garbage hold (just prior to it being incinerated) but was stuck on the station with no money, ID, or way off. He worked whatever odd jobs he could to sustain himself until he met the down-on-his-luck, would-be bounty hunter Vanguard (aka Captain Jerrreecko). When the wadring revealed his omni-weapon in order to save them both from Vanguard’s prey, Vanguard saw a golden opportunity. He nick-named the wadring ‘Stretch’ and invited the abandoned wadring to travel with him. Stretch has since become an invaluable member of Vanguard’s crew and his most-trusted and loyal friend.
Temperament: Stretch is a tinkerer by nature and loves to understand how things work and build things. He’s a trained star-ship engineer (they retain some of their host’s skills) and inventor or gadgets. Stretch dislikes violence and danger but obligingly partakes in plenty of both out of loyalty to Vanguard (who saved him from a life of desperation) and out of need to pay off his considerable gambling debts. Considerate, compassionate and thoughtful.
Abilities: Like all wadrings, Stretch can easily change into whatever basic shape he desires. They can ‘harden’ into the shape, becoming more difficult to harm, or harden a limb to hit harder, or just to ‘hold’ a particular form. With time and concentration he can shapeshift into a more complex form (IE: a human form) but they cannot alter their color or texture or duplicate fine details such as hair. Stretch is an engineer and inventor. He’s a melee expert and is incredibly dangerous with his omni-weapon. Also very handy with a blaster.
Omni-Weapon: Stretch is psionically attached to a non-sentient globous being he calls ‘Star Savior’ which is commonly referred to an ‘omni-weapon’. They are nearly immortal, nearly indestructible, incredibly rare and one of the most prized possessions in the galaxy. Star Savior can not only assume any form Stretch thinks of, but can also split and reform, so he can use Star Savior as sword and shield, or bow and arrows, or throwing daggers (and once thrown they would crawl back to him). Omni-weapons have such control of their shape they can even form a blade edge only a molecule thick – capable of slicing through virtually any substance. When not in combat, Star Savior is commonly draped about Stretch like a sash, belt or necklace (depending on Stretch’s current shape). Stretch will commonly envelope Star Savior to keep it hidden, least someone try to kill him to take possession of it. Omni-weapons are bioluminescent and always give off a faint glow which can be increased in intensity for short periods.
Height: Varies, at rest, 4′ tall
Weight: 150lbs

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