Real Name: Ubla
A.K.A.: ‘Red’
Race: Quariin
Birthplace: Quarrin homeworld
History: Born to a humble quarrin family or 23, Ubla did not have great future prospects and a general skepticism on life in general. He joined the quarrin military as it provided a way out of his dreary life and consistent pay and provision. He became an adept military pilot. After a few years, while stationed away, he met a Dzillarton (Butch) spoke so enthusiastically about a life of adventure and freedom as a bounty hunter, Ubla, despite his better judgement, quit the military and joined Butch to work as a bounty hunter. It did not go well. Desperate for cash, they took a job with another bounty hunter, Jerrreecko (aka Vanguard) which, despite some undue challenges, they succeeded at. They continue to work under Jerrreecko to this day with Ubla acting at pilot and Butch as hired muscle.

Profession: Bounty hunter/mercenary/pilot
Temperament: Skeptic, sardonic, outspoken, yet trusting and wanting to believe in something better. Loyal, detail oriented and obedient soldier and pilot. Good friend but complains – alot.
Abilities: Like all Quariin, Ubla is capable of flight, hovering, and climbing or hanging. Being an invertebrate, he can squeeze through small openings (as long as his articulated shell pieces can fit). Quariins can swim, but not walk and generally never ‘land’, instead looking for a perch to hang from like a bat when resting. Ubla is a military trained pilot and soldier.
Height: 2′ tall, 5′ long, 10′ wide, 12′ from tail to tip of long tentacles (they have 8, two 7′ long with prehensile pads, and six shorts ones at 3′ long)
Weight: 70 lbs

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