We’re continuing a series that’s looking at life in the galaxy as Brute and Rose observe it. In previous articles we’ve looked at the Galactic Federation, the Founding Members, and the ‘wild west’ nature of much of the galaxy (although that post wasn’t originally a part of this series, it’s directly relevant and there’s no need to repeat it).

Today we’re going to look at the 100 known races. This is a common slang to refer to all the currently discovered sentient races in the Milky Way Galaxy. However, the exact number isn’t universally agreed on as some races mere existence is debated, and other’s if they really qualify (Chortian – an AI android civilization, for example). Finally, even with all included, it actually numbers less than 100 but not by much, and it’s generally agreed as more life-bearing planets continue to be discovered on the outer arms of the galaxy, that the 100 will be reached.

Another important distinction is that these are sentient races, that is, self-aware, and not space-faring. The majority of these races currently are not capable of space travel, are therefore not part of the Galactic Federation, and are off-limits to members of the Federation. So Brute & Rose are unlikely to ever meet their kind.

Even among the space-faring, most races lack sufficient warp capabilities to travel beyond their own local sector of the galaxy (IE: humans), so you’ll only likely encounter them if you happen to be in their ‘home’ part of the Milky Way. Of course there’s the odd exception, commonly seen in pirates crews, mercenaries, or merchants’ crew where a member of a less developed race finds employment with a far more developed race. Our own Brute, Rose (and Drifter who we’ll meet properly in Issue #4) are examples of beings finding themselves far outside of their races’ normal range.

Now, for various reasons, we’re not going to list them all here (as that’d be mostly irrelevant and remove the element of surprise) but we will list the common ones that we’ve met or are certain to meet in future issues of Brute. For simplicity they’ll be listed by their Earth-slang names in order of tech (and usually galactic distribution is mostly determined by tech-level).

  1. ‘Gardeners’ – A theoretical race that existed, or perhaps still exists (beyond the technical abilities of the known races to detect), billions of years prior to any other sentient race. Some believe they ‘seeded’ the current 100 known races. Other’s believe them to be mere fairy tales.

    The Founding Members – the first known space faring races that collectively created the Galactic Federation
  2. Porcupinians
  3. Crystalonians
  4. Plantis
  5. Wadring (Globs)
  6. Xylanterians (Tripids)
  7. Tiwangese

    The ‘2nd Order’ – Races that joined the Galactic Federation immediately after it’s inception.
  8. Mcmacazorkians (Mcmacs)
  9. Quariins
  10. Dzillartons (‘Kittens’ and ‘Long-Necks’)
  11. Eufonians (‘Squids’)
  12. Crabi
  13. Plactori

    The ‘3rd’ and ‘4th Order’ – Races that joined over the course of the 1000 years of the Galactic Federation’s reign.
  14. Wraiths
  15. Doppelgänger
  16. Wazish
  17. Grand gorillas’
  18. Newts
  19. Chortians
  20. Chortian – Primates (‘true Chortians’)
  21. Millipedians
  22. Oothrooproon (Centipedians)
  23. Kaynynth
  24. Thisseriods (Ninja Lizards)

    The Bovine Alliance – a independently formed collective of races based in the mid-Pegasus arm of the galaxy. Members of the Galactic Federation, but still working under their own Alliance as well.
  25. Bovines (Minotaurs/Pans)
  26. Mermaid-Eels
  27. Zeppelins
  28. A’bukan (Tank Elephants)
  29. Dragon-Riders

    The ‘5th Order’ or ‘new kids on the block’ – the most recent additions to the Federation
  30. Cetaceans (dolphins)
  31. Gryphons
  32. Humans

  33. Bruin

  34. Crackis