Race Name (human coloquial): Kaynynth
Race Name (proper): Kaynynth
A.K.A.: Dogs
Tech Level: Mid-level technology.
Galactic Distribution: Widely distributed but not common as they lack the warps speeds necessary to travel across the galaxy in a lifetime, but they have been a member long enough that they have become wide distributed (often by working with other races).

Appearance: Kaynynth are similar in many respect to Earth dogs, except they are far larger – nearly the size of a horse, have massive canines that protrude out of their lower lips, large red eyes, four tendrils on their chests and two on their rears that they use to manipulate objects. They are covered in a spotted ‘fur’ covering with a longer ‘mane’ on their heads. Kaynynth’s can be a frightening site to meet, but are generally kind and cordial beings.

Traits: Kaynynyth are quick runners, have excellent hearing and can turn their heads 180 degrees. They are carnivores and can easily rip and tear flesh with their sharp teeth and massive canines. They are also capable of multi-tasking can have different limbs preforming different sets of tasks with minimal loss of concentration.
Kaynynth are typically about 8′ tall to their heads (6′ to shoulders) and 8′ from chest to rear. Including tendrils 16′.

History: Kaynynth’s are social and communicative beings who over-populated their world and sought to the stars to find new homes to expand to. They were ‘discovered’ and eventually sponsored into the Galactic Federation by the Xylanterians. They live in the mid-core region of the galaxy near the Pegasus Arm of the Milky Way. They are now long time members of the Federation and can be found in most parts of civilized space.

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