One of the hallmarks for truly great heroes, are the quality of their nemesis. Super-Man has Lex Luthor, Thor has Loki, Bat-Man and Spider-Man both enjoy perhaps the richest collection of memorable nemesis in comics. Our heroine, Rose has her own in the form of Jorj and Linni.

First appearing near the end of Brute #1, we can immediately sense Jorj’s duplicitous, yet charming, nature. The young, and still somewhat naïve Rose, however, takes Jorj at face value – and it costs her dearly. Jorj and Linni become a permanent part of her life’s story and characters that will be recurring throughout the Brute series. Indeed, Jorj is the main antagonist for the first series arc, running from Brute #1-3.

But who are Jorj and Linni? Why are they great foils? Let’s dig in. First, off, you might be wondering if this Jorj and Linni share any commonality with their namesakes of classic literature, the George and Lennie from ‘Of Mice and Men’. Indeed, that classic duo do form the basic template for our antagonist, with Jorj being the small (comparatively) and quick-witted protector of the hulking but intellectually limited Linni.

Jorj is a crabi trader, who does business in the often morally and legally grey fringes of civilized space. However, with risk comes reward, and Jorj seeks to earn enough to become a ‘player’ in the larger galactic trade routes. Holding him back is his distrust of others, leading him to depend solely of his ever-loyal, but dim-witted plactori helpers, Linni, Morock and Tubbs.

Linni was Jorj’s first companion. Although Jorj was at first annoyed and alienated by Linni’s incompetency, his pure heart and earns while desire to make Jorj happy and proud eventually won Jorj over. Even now that Jorj also ’employs’ Morock, a former military commander and former servant to his father, and the slovenly Tubbs – who he ‘obtained’ the services of in a trade with another crabi, Linni is still his favourite and he holds a special fondness for him. Linni’s flaws, while significant, are not of his own doing.

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