Race Name (human coloquial): Porcupinians
Race Name (proper): Kkrgght-Crckiticko
Tech Level: High
Galactic Distribution: As a founder member of the Galactic Council, porcupinians are one of the most common, and broadly found races in the Galaxy
Appearance: 6’5″-8′ tall with 1’5″-2′ quills (8-10′ to top of quills). Porcupinians are humanoid (or rather humans are porcupinoid) covered in quills, with long harder quills on the head/back and smaller softer quills on the face/belly/limbs. Their quills are normally beige, brown or grey in color, but are sometimes coated in silver or gold for protection or prestige. Their skeletal structure is closer to an ‘H’ design than a human ‘T’ with two spines on either side and adjoining waists and shoulders. This design also extends to their hands and feet which have four fingers/toes in an H shape.
Traits: Honor, valor and bravery are very important to porcupinians. All porcupinians serve in their military at least once, when they reach adulthood for at least a porcupinian year, and very often again at ‘retirement’ as porcupinians vastly prefer an honorable death by defending porcupinian (or galactic) interests over growing too old and being a burden on society (although they take great care and respect the elderly).
Abilities: Porcupinians are stronger than humans (comparable to gorillas), double-jointed, and covered in protective quills. They can ‘shoot’ off quills but only do so as a last resort as they are slow to grow back. All porcupinians are military trained and therefore expert fighters and marksman.
History: One of the first recorded space-faring races, porcupinians spread out unabated for centuries until their first recorded encounter with another intelligent race – plantis. (This was actually their second but they didn’t recognize crystalonians as a lifeform at first.) It was a disaster as the porcupinians fired at the advancing ‘tree monsters’ and couldn’t understand that they were trying to communicate. Due to distance, extreme differences and limited technology, they wouldn’t meet again for another couple centuries and by then the plantis were space faring. After some botched attempts at communication with both plantis and cystalonians, war broke out. Through the war they discovered and allied with other enemies of their enemies – the Tiwangese who were fighting the plantis on another front and the Xylanterians who were fighting wadrings who allied with the crystalonians. The Millennium War had begun. As all races were at that time, low-tech, it was an extremely slow war, with decades or even hundreds of years passing without a battle, but battles did happen on all fronts and were often catastrophic when they did. After a millennium the war ended with the eradication of the tiwangese. The two sides, representing 6 races, along with another 5 that had become known but not directly involved in the war (crabi, quarrin, dzilleraton, eufonian and mcmacazorkians) became the originating Galactic Federation.
While relations with plantis and wadrings greatly improved, porcupinians and crystalonians sectors overlap with a few highly disputed systems keeping these two adversaries’ relationship always tense with multiple flare-up of small scale border disputes.
Porcupinians are the backbone of the Galactic Council, stern supporters, and active participants. They’ve helped sponsor in many other lower-tech species into the Galactic Federation including most recently, humans.

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