Today I thought it’d be interesting to look at how the universe as Rose and Brute experience it, came to be. There’s a lot to unpack here, so this will be a series that runs for a few weeks. However, to start, let’s start, at the start, or specifically, the start of the current Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation began with the end of the Millennium War.

We’ll cover the Millennium War in another post, but in synopsis the first six races to become space faring eventually came embroiled in a war with three shape-shifting races (plantis, crstalonian, wadring) allied against three races of set form (porcupinian, xylantarian, tiwangese). As at the time the war began, none of the races were capable of even light-speed travel, this was an extremely slow war, with decades to centuries passing in-between individual battles. It ended with the annihilation of all life on the planet Tiwang.

Those six races, horrified by this result, agreed to not only a truce, but to come together as an united force, to prevent another such travesty from ever happening again. This ‘Galactic Federation’ is not really a governing body, so much as an enforced framework to create integrity in the affairs of all space-faring races within the Milky Way.

Since the creation of the Galactic Federation these races (with the exception of the tiwangese) have been the backbone of the federation and the United Federation Military who’s sole purpose is to ensure peace amongst all galactic races – including the founding members. They are also among the most commonly found races within the galaxy.

The Founding Races:

Porcupinians – 8-9′ tall, bipedal race covered in quills. Honor and service are paramount to porcupinians and all porcupinians serve a minimum one year term in the military when they come of age. Captain Jerrreecko (Issues #0-2) is a porcupinian.

Crystalonians – 4-5′ tall amorphic silicon-based beings that resemble huge crystals. They use a form of photosynthesis to absorb, store and can even expel light. They use light to communicate and consequently can think and communicate faster than other races. Conversely, they are extremely slow moving, and use a ‘movator’ – a personal anti-gravity platform – to move about. They tend to be very logical, and community based. G.O.B.B.Y. (Issue #2) is an atypical crystalonian.

Xylantarian – a tri-symmetrical bi-pedal race (having three identical sides) also called ‘faux-walkers’. They have three flexible arms and legs, but only use two at a time, keeping the third arm and leg interlocked behind their ‘back’ until needed. Xylanterians are neighborly with a strong sense of righteousness. Officer Lullumon (Issues #0-1) is a xylantarian.

Wadring – An amorphous carbon-based race (with microscopic silicon scales on it’s skin) commonly referred to as globs. Their entire skin is a sensory organ giving them incredible senses of smell, sonar, infrared, taste and touch but they are blind to the ‘visible’ light spectrum. Fun-loving and gregarious, they are the most commonly found race throughout the galaxy. Stretch (Issues #1-2) is a Wadring.

Plantis – An amorphous race compressed of prehensile leafed interconnected vine structure that usually assumes a bipedal appearance. Debilitating remorse over the obliteration of all life on Tiwang caused the plantis to relinquish any war-like tendencies and they en masse adopted a (then) new religion following the ‘Essence’. Plantis therefore tend to be gentle, life-affirming, and often, pious. Plantis can be found in Issue #1

Tiwangese – A bipedal race with telescopic limbs and patagium (glider ‘wings’) that lived within the deep crevices of their dying world Tiwang. As only a few thousand tiwangese who were aboard the tiwangese space fleet survived the destruction of their home world, and due to low birth-rates, the tiwangese ever remain a species on the brink of extinction. Their race existing primarily aboard their now ancient space fleet, searching through the ever outer reaches of the galaxy, desperate to find a new world capable of supporting tiwangese life. Despite this tragic nature, the extremely rare tiwangese found in the galaxy are friendly, adventurous and free-spirited. Due to their rare nature, none have appeared in Brute as yet.