Real Name: Officer Lullumon
Race: Xylanterian
History: Little is known about Lullumon. He’s worked as a Dock-Master at Moohoovan Station for some ten years, and his favorite drink is a ‘cosmic storm’. He is the first person Rose befriends on Moohoovan Station (Issue #1) and he’s seen as a friend and helps her when she returns many years later (Issue #0).
Profession: Dock-Master at Moohoovan Station

Temperament: Lullumon is no-nonsense and somewhat cynical. Just wants to do his job and not be bothered. However, he’s also a family-man and can’t help but have some compassion for the young stranded Rose. (Issue #1)
Abilities: Like any xylanterian, Lullumon can walk on all three feet, but usually will walk on two, with one foot/arm curled ‘behind’ him. When on all three, his head is erect and he has 360′ vision, but usually the head is bend forward in the direction he’s ‘facing’. Xylanterians don’t have joints, but articulated bones that can bend to a large degree in any angle.
Height: 6’3″ tall as a biped, 7′ as triped
Weight: 200 lbs

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