Race Name (human coloquial): Tank Elephants
Race Name (proper):
Tech Level: Mid-level technology. Low warp speeds.
Galactic Distribution: Common in mid-pegasus arm of the galaxy.

Appearance: Tank elephants are the most massive of known intelligent races (Plactori’s are taller and Zeppelins larger). Completely covered by a dome of thick armor-shell that has retractable openings for eyes, mouth and trunks. On plains tank elephants are very quick and mobile, able to turn on a dime and run at impressive speeds but any terrain more varied than a gradual sloop creates significant challenges to a tank elephants mobility. Skin is orangey-yellow going to red around the eyes. The shell is often painted bright colors or designs.
Northern varieties have thick fur on the outside of their shells and the interior is lined with insolating blubber. They are smaller than their more temperate cousins but with longer flatter trunks that are better for digging and shaping snow. They can also swim long distances aided by the buoyancy of their blubber-lined shells. They’re also white to off-white in color in shell and fur.
Tank elephants have no resemblence to elephants at all beyond having trunks (2) and being of similar if greater size (before the shell). Tank elephants and stockier, shorter legged and six legged with heads that are merely an extension of the torso (no neck) and no ear flaps (just funnels on the shells). Furthermore they are covered by a iridescent black (white in northern varieties) shell dome that encases them entirely. The shell has ‘sliding’ openings for the eyes and mouth/trunks. The shell is thick and tough enough to withstand bazooka blasts.
Height of approx 16′, 12′ long and 10′ wide.
Traits: Tank Elephants are a pleasant race to deal with but exposure to other races are often limited by their size. Very few space ships exist that can house tank-elephants (except possibly as cargo), even crabi ships which are extremely spacious to accommodate plactori crews normally have bends that Tank Elephants have significant trouble with. Only a couple of space stations can accommodate them, one of which is the local Moohoovan Station.
Perhaps as a consequence Tank Elephants are very accommodating and eager to make acquaintance with other races. They are voracious readers and love to learn, so they tend to ask a lot of question of strangers. This can come off as distrustful, or annoying, but they are genuinely curious to know everything they can.
History: Tank Elephant history is rich and complex but is summary to galactic affairs; they evolved on and adapted to the huge grasslands, deserts, savannahs and the like of their native work, as well as being apt sailors. For many decades space travel was limited to drones or smaller creatures from their homeworld, but eventually they developed powerful enough engine to lift the weight of a small crew of tank elephants. After a couple centuries of exploration they met the more advance bovine race that further helped them develop space travel. In time the bovines and their allies accepted enrollment in the galactic federation.

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