Race Name (human coloquial): Bovine
Race Name (proper): Groobuuvum
A.K.A.: Minotaurs / Pans
Tech Level: Mid-level technology. Low warp speeds.
Galactic Distribution: Common in mid-pegasus arm of the galaxy.

Appearance: 4 to 5′ tall bipeds, with golden to bronze to shiny brown skin, thick hair/fur on heads, outer arms, legs and back, an ungulates-like head, thick ‘barrel’ chests and arms, with slimmer legs, horns and three digits on each hand and foot.
Traits: Although shorter than humans, bovines are much heavier set and stronger than a human, with an average bovine able to bench-press 400lbs on Earth gravity. Bovines are similar to humans except while humans think and act from a ‘me-centric’ view, bovines are focused on the well-being of their group, not themselves.
There are numerous bovine races, giving this species a varied appearance.

History: Bovines are a peaceful race of bipeds that evolved to space-faring while humans were still in the stone-age. It would take several thousand years before they developed true warp technology to travel outside of their own solar-system. At this point they spent millennia traveling in their local area of the Milky Way (the mid-Pegasus arm), coming into contact with other local races such as the A’Bukans aka ‘Tank-Elephants’ and ‘Mermaid-Eels’. They are believed to have even travelled as far as Earth (given rise to legends of Minotaurs and Pans). Eventually they came to the attention of the Galactic Federation. The bovines initially refused to join, having been put-off by Porcupinians strict military nature, but the Federation followed up with the more peaceful Tiwangese who convinced the bovines and their allies to join the Galactic Federation. While not major players in the galaxy as a whole, bovine are the most expansively distributed in the local area and operate the last major space hub – Moohoovan Station prior to going out to what’s still considered the ‘fringes’ of the galaxy.

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