Race Name (human coloquial): Zeppelins
Race Name (proper): Unpronounceable (Zeppelin sign language)
Tech Level: Low
Galactic Distribution: Focused almost exclusively along the Perseus arm of the galaxy.
Appearance: Zeppelins are the largest known sentient race and member of the galactic federation which a diameter of 30′ around their bodies and 60′ from tips of tendrils to top of their bodies (they do not have a separate head).
Closer to plants than animals, Zeppelins are huge balloons filled with hydrogen that they organically cull from water in the thick atmosphere. They use photosynthesis as well as eating small fish/animals.
These beings are green with pale blue highlights and eyes.
Traits: As their name suggests, Zeppelins spend their entire lives in the air. They float about in a controlled manner (but can be unwillingly relocated by strong winds) in a leisurely, peaceful lifestyle.
History: Their ancestors (and more privative cousins) float over the vast oceans of their world, dangling tendrils into the water for nutrients (and water) and catching fish. Storms blew some inland over lakes and these slowly over generations developed intelligence and learned to carry water with them and how to hunt the more elusive land animals. They became self aware and developed a loose knit society.
Discovered by the bovines (pre-federation), the bovines shared knowledge and technology with them but they wouldn’t become space-faring themselves until the bovine and their allies joined the Galactic Federation and the plantis (one of the founding races of the Federation) offered to sponsor them into the Galactic Federation as equal members (normally a race would have be have become space-faring on it’s own but in some cases, where the race is intelligent but physically incapable of developing space flight, they’ll be sponsored).

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