Race Name (human coloquial): Eufonian
Race Name (proper): Eeeuufeeeooon
A.K.A.: Squids
Tech Level: High-level technology. High warp speeds.
Galactic Distribution: Widely distributed but not commonly seen by other races as they tend to keep to their own sectors.

Appearance: 4′ tall vaguely squid-like beings capable of supporting their own weight with their tentacles and holding their form outside of water. They are tri-symmetrical having three like-sides each with an eye and two tentacles, so they have three eyes and six tentacles in all. Each tentacle sub-divides into six at the tips, allowing for fine manipulation of objects. As eufonians lack much in the way of physical strength they’re dependent on their intro-skeletons to boost their strength. While most have the equivalent strength of a nine-year old human, with an intro-skeleton (That is an artificial skeleton – like an exo-skeleton device a human might use to increase strength that is commonly implanted within the eufonian itself) they will have human or slighter higher levels of strength. Eufonian soldiers or manual labourers will often have exo-skeletons that provide even greater strength and for soldiers – protection and advanced armaments.

Traits: Fully amphibian, eufonians exist equally well on land or in water. Their native to water environments but laid eggs on land and gradually as they evolved, spent more and more time on land. Eufonians are highly intelligent beings and are considered the most intelligent of the known species (depending on if you believe in ‘Gardener’s – a supposed precursor race – or not, and if you count the robotic AI chortians as a race or not. Crystalonians and ‘mecha-fungi’ would also dispute such a claim).
As a race eufonians are passive, and far more interested in knowledge, exploration and science than in dealing with the politics of other races. So while they are members in good standing in the Galactic Federation, they are also more self-isolating than many other races. They are generally well-regarded if somewhat distrusted due to their tendency to isolate and hyper-intelligence.

History: Eufonians are one of the earliest space faring races, being ‘discovered’ during the Great Millenium War but not involved in the war. Prior to that Eufonian history is pretty straight-forward and remarkably civil, conflicts were nearly non-existent and civilization developed early on. Eufonian’s were a part of the 2nd tier founding members of the Galactic Federation and have spear-headed the majority of the Federation’s scientific endevours. Eufonians are most notable for having discovered and activated the great factory on Alcon 5 that produces all P.A.E.G.’s (personal artificial environment generators) in the galaxy. Eufonians credit the Gardener’s with the creation of P.A.E.G.’s and the great factory, which is entirely self-sufficient and automated. Even they cannot begin to comprehend the advanced technology used to recreate matter instantaneously that the P.A.E.G.’s use (PAEG’s convert any atmosphere into your own native atmosphere, and also recreate your native gravity, temperature and other necessities needed for life). As Gardener’s are considered a myth by most people and cannot be proven to exist or have existed, most lay people believe the Eufonians created PAEG’s but just don’t want to share the technological know-how with others. To be fair, if they did (or do) understand it, they would have grave misgivings sharing such power with the military-minded porcupinians, the oft-criminal minded mcmacazorkians, the profit-seeking crabi or the robotic chortians who once were a real threat to exterminating the entire Galactic Federation, or many other less-than-noble races (IE: humans). So while the debate about eufonians and PAEGs remain contentious, the fact that the galactic society simple could not exist as it does today without PAEGs is empirically clear. Without PAEGs and translators (also see ‘blue fuzzies’) there would be very little interaction being alien races, for even a casual meeting would otherwise require huge time and effort to construct an environment that both could even temporality exist in simultaneously, if it would be possible to do so at all.

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