**Spoiler Alert**

If you’d rather go into the series without any spoilers – stop now. Otherwise here is an overview of the first seven issues of Brute.

Issue #1
The saga begins! A young teenager, Rose Kahn, is stranded on an alien space station with only her wits, and cat, to depend on to survive. And then things get worse… Her only hope is the mysterious being known as ‘Brute’.

Issue #2
Brute has sworn to protect Rose, but at what cost? Is he willing to sacrifice everything for a total stranger? Even his own life?

Issue #3
The dramatic conclusion of Rose’s origin in this intense action-filled issue. “The cost of freedom.”

Issue #4
Rose has to adjust to the often violent life on Tars Station while Vanguard attempts to catch his biggest bounty ever.

Issue #5
Brute fights for his life while Vanguard is caught in a trap of his own making.

Issue #6
Love conquers all – to the death! Meanwhile Vanguard is forced to stoop to a new low.

Issue #7
All out action and tension as Brute Vs Vanguard and crew Vs the mysterious and powerful Rintax while Rose’s life hangs by a thread.