Welcome to the wildly imaginative saga of Rose – a young woman with trust issues, who’s just trying to get to the only home she’s never known, Earth, and her kind-hearted, super-strong, but short tempered companion, Brute.

Joining them on their (mis)adventures are Captain Jerrreecko (aka Vanguard), desperate to regain his lost honour, and his crew of misfit bounty hunters.

The series: Is a story of dysfunctional people, forming a dysfunctional family, living life the best they know how (as inept bounty hunters), but ultimately, overcoming the odds, and their own short-comings, to find their place in the ‘wild west’ of galactic society.

Written and created by Preston Squire.  Art by Owen Keenan.  Colours by Brooke Newhart.  All rights reserved.

Issue #0 – A reprint of three short stories that appeared in an anthology series. Brute and Rose have a simple task – to fetch supplies, but one thing stands in their way… humans! DOWNLOAD FOR FREE

Issue #1 – A young Rose Khan is abandoned on an intergalactic space station with no way to get home. Her family, friends and funds gone, her only hope for survival are her wits, and a strange, diminutive alien known as… Brute! PREVIEW

Issue #2Rose has escaped a life of slavery, only to arrive somewhere far worse. With her former master’s minion’s hot on her heels, Rose hides out with her saviour, only to discover why he’s called Brute. You don’t want to miss this! BUY NOW

Issue #3 – The climatic conclusion to Rose and Brute’s origin story! It’s all-out action, drama and suspense! Now on Kickstarter!