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The adventures of a super-strong, short-tempered 'teddy-bear' with anger issues, and his human companion Rose, with trust issues, as they try to find a way to reach the home Rose has never known, Earth.

Lots of novelty and creative energy here which appeals in a bold, bombastic way.'

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The  Toughest 'Teddy Bear' in the Galaxy

Don't ever call him 'cute'.

From acclaimed writer Preston Squire (Captain Canuck, Isecas the Dream Cat) and artist Owen Keenan comes a galaxy-spanning saga about Rose - a young woman trying to get to Earth and her short-tempered, super-strong companion - Brute!
In this issue - All Rose and Brute need to do is buy some supplies - but one thing stands in their way... Humans!

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What are you getting?

 You'll receive a digital copy of Brute: Toughest 'Teddy Bear' in the Galaxy - Issue #0.

A 28 page comic - made up of 3 stories that were originally published in the YEET anthology comic in 2020 plus bonus material - now for the first time in full color.

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What is Brute About?

Brute the comic at its simplest is the story of a young human female and her best friend, a young male bruin, who is incredibly strong, quick-tempered, durable and just coincidentally looks like a teddy bear, who are both stranded in space, far from their home-worlds, unable to return. They are forced to depend on their wits, and each other to get by and survive in the often cruel 'wild west' of the Milky Way galaxy.

It's the story of a group of miscreant bounty hunters seeking glory, but more immediately, enough credits to get to their next job.
It's the story of broken people, becoming a broken family, trying to do the 'right' thing, but often with the wrong motives or mindsets.

It's an epic space opera, action packed, at times funny, at times tragic, told from the personal perspectives of our protagonists - Rose, human female, martial artist, with trust issues, Brute - male bruin pugilist with anger issues, Vanguard, male porcupinian ship's captain desperate to regain lost honor, and others we'll meet along the way.

The Main Characters


Our hero.  Image your Dwayne Johnson, the biggest, toughest, most bad-ass - but nice - dude around.  You've always tended to get your way, because all the other guys are intimidated by you, and all the girls wanted you.  Then you get taken off-world and discover to everyone else you look like a harmless, little, teddy-bear.   Except you're not harmless. You're short because your home-world has an insanely high gravity. Which makes you stronger, tougher and with quicker reflexes than anyone else around.  Plus, you've a temper that tends to get the best of you at the best of times.  Don't ever call you 'cute'.


Our heroine.  Born to scientists on a research station on the edge of the galaxy.  At age 14, her parents decided it was time for her to learn about life on Earth and sent her to stay with family there.  Days later, the research station was destroyed, her family lost, her ship recalled, and Rose abandoned on space station with no way to get to the home she's never known, Earth.  And then, it got bad...  Rose is smart, tough, resilient,  and independent. Brute is the only person she trusts... and then some...

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