Race Name (human coloquial): Centipedes
Race Name (proper): Oothrooproon
Tech Level: Mid
Galactic Distribution: Widely distributed throughout galactic core
Appearance: Giant mammalian-like millipede with a single domed eye that covers the upper ‘face’. Oothrooproons have dozens of limbs – which double as both arms and legs – along their 30′ length. The can stand with up to half their body erect, but the higher percentage of body-mass erect, the harder it is for them to maintain and the more they tend to sway, so commonly only the first two to six limbs will be off the ground at a time. When running, all limbs will be used as legs (unless their carrying something).
They have a thick, hard-leathery hide, like a rhino, that is fairly protective along their bodies. They stand 2′ high, are about 2′ in thickness and 20-30′ in length (with older females being the longest). Females tend to be larger and males tend to be more brightly colored.
Traits: Oothrooproons are solidary beings, although they’ll commonly work with others to achieve goals individuals cannot do on their own. They get along well with most other races but are particularly not fond of ‘mantas’ who tend to be very talkative and find the quiet and reserved Oothrooproons to be great listeners and will hang around them for days at a time until the Oothrooproon is excessively rude or finds some way or parting company. Oothrooproons excel at lonely tasks, like guard duty, but are also effective in groups. However they don’t speak much, but when they do, it’s usually with something profound, or profoundly funny.

Oothrooproons are quick beings, fast runners, swimmers and agile climbers. Other races are often caught off guard by how fast such a large being can move.
History: Oothrooproon being solidary beings advanced more slowly than many other races, but as their numbers increased they were gradually forced to live and work in greater numbers. As for many races, the hope of finding other worlds to colonized was appealing to them (although for Oothrooproon the desire for privacy was dominate) and so they developed space travel in their search for other worlds. Being one of the dozens of intelligent races in the galactic core (they are nearer the edge of the galactic core bulge) they were discovered by the Galactic Federation and in time became a member.

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