A millipedian enjoying a laugh with a wadring (glob)

Race Name (human coloquial): Millipedian
Race Name (proper): tikickitickitick
Tech Level: Mid
Galactic Distribution: Widely distributed throughout galactic core
Appearance: Very long bodies beings with hundreds of limbs and two eye stocks on the head. Hard red protective shell covers the head and along the back of the entire length. Underbelly is soft. Each pair of limbs doubles as both hands and legs.
Traits: Friendly, social and talkative. Practical and reliable. Integrity is highly important in millipedian culture. If they say they’ll do something, it’ll get done, not always on time, but they’ll find a way to do it and make up any short-fall. They dislike crabis and any other race that inherently lack integrity themselves.
History: Hailing from the base of the Perseus arm of the galaxy (near the core) millipedians quickly embraced the Galaxy Federation, enjoying working with other races for the greater good of all and are generally respected and liked throughout the Federation.

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