Race Name (human coloquial): Mermaid-Eels
Race Name (proper): Gaawhabala
A.K.A.: Mermaids
Tech Level: Mid-level technology. Low warp speeds.
Galactic Distribution: Common in mid-pegasus arm of the galaxy.

Appearance: 8 to 10′ long eel-like beings, with thin rubbery skin, that transitions from a human Caucasian ‘flesh-tone’ at the head to a emerald-green at the tail. gaawhabalas have remarkably human-like eyes and mouths, and twin flesh-sacks on their chests (which store unfertilized eggs). Their are amphibians, equally adapt on land or water. They have small fin’s on their sides, above the sacks. As gaawhabalas will commonly rest half-submerged, it is theorized that early space-exploring gaawhabala’s discovered Earth and inadvertently created the mermaid myths of human legend. Lacking limbs, gaawhabalas use their prehensile tongues and tails to manipulate objects or tools. Most humans find this… unsettling.
Traits: True amphibians, gaawhabalas are spend their entire lives in water or on land, and its not uncommon some do. They are a peaceful race, but noble and haughty. They do not suffer indignities lightly (but may give them more generously). While they may seem slightly ungainly slithering, half-raised on land (like a cobra ready to strike), that can be surprising quick and agile. Even know to swing themselves on branches and poles like some sort of monkey-snake with remarkable grace. Not commonly strong, (their homeworld’s gravity is 1.3x that of Earth) in most traditional sense, they crush their prey and adversaries by wrapping around them with such force even the mighty mcmacazorkians have a difficult time escaping their grasp.
History: Gaawhabalas, like their galactic neighbours, the bovine and choz vouz, are relatively new members of the Galactic Federation and seldom seen outside their own quadrant of space (the mid-Pegasus arm of the Milky Way). Early in their exploration of space (once they developed warps speeds) they came into contact with the bovine rule system of worlds and formed a trade alliance. In time it grew to include the choz vouz and other local races. When the Galactic Federation’s influence reached their sector, they joined a part of a collation of planets, with the bovines acting as chief mediators. Gaawhabala’s exist primarily on their own homeworld with some small settlements on other habitable worlds or the bovine mega space-station Moohoovan Station.

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