a bovine/mermaid-eel crackis

Race Name (human coloquial): Crackis (not a race per se, but a genetic condition caused by the crackis gene – considered a disease and threat to the galaxy)
Race Name (proper): Crackis do not belong to any race, but are mongrel beings possessing the crackis gene and dna from forefather’s races.
A.K.A.: The Damned, Mutts, Galactic Gypsies, Trash, The Unclean, The Untouchables, Outsiders
Tech Level: None.
Galactic Distribution: Mostly commonly found in the Galactic core, on any intergalactic hub worlds, cities or space stations.

Appearance: Wildly varied. The crackis gene allows beings of completely different races to ‘mate’ and reproduce, giving birth to very commonly hideous, freakishly looking children. Depending on the heritage of parents, a ‘crackis’ will look like a mix of those races from as much as three generations.
Traits: Crackis, that is, those that carry the crackis gene, are reviled throughout the galaxy. The crackis gene, if unchecked, could irreparably destroy galactic life – turning most races into one hybird mix of all. It is forbidden to reproduce with a crackis (even if you’re a crackis yourself), and yet, more are born every year. They are shunned, and despite being at least part of multiple races, none accept them as one of their own. They live as outcasts, etching out merger existences on the fringes of galactic society. Even the term ‘crackis’ has become a galactic curse word, meaning damned/lower than low/cursed or generally really bad.

a mcmacazorkain / bovine crackis

History: No one knows where the crackis gene originated from. It first appeared during the Great Millennium War (where the plantis, crystalonians and wadrings fought against the porcupinians, xylantarians and tiwangese – or a war where shape-shifting races vs races of static form). Some believe the crackis gene was created by the shape-shifters as an agent of war against the non-shapeshifting races. As the crackis gene does not affect plantis, crystalonians or wadrings, this is a popular belief. However, this was also an age of unfettered exploration as all races raced to lay claim to their own sectors of the galaxy. The accepted scientific belief is one of those early explorers mated with some being that natively and benignly carried the crackis gene and introduced it to the rest of galactic society. As there are several life-supporting worlds where the crackis gene has run amok before scientists could explore them, it’s difficult to rule out that one of these wasn’t the originator of the crackis gen to begin with. Crackis – those possessing the gene, are driven to mate – with any and every thing. This is a huge ethical dilemma. Early on, there was great care and consideration given to crackis as scientists strove to ‘cure’ them. But as no cure was ever found and as they continued to mate, even when strictly warned not to, public opinion turned against them. They were quarantined to crackis settlements and cast-out. Those that hid, were hunted. Those that fought for their rights, silenced. Once the Galactic Federation formed, one of the only Galaxy-wide edicts created was that mating with a crackis would mean life-imprisonment. Over time, people again began to have compassion for the crackis, and some were allowed to leave their crackis settlements (or prison worlds). A generation of crackis grew up with public sentiment behind their backs and they were emboldened to demand equal rights. Some home-worlds agreed but soon the crackis condition again began to spread uncontrollably. People, frightened for the genetic stability of their races, turned against the crackis again, but the crackis, now mobilized and a politic force, fought back – politically, ethically, even physically when required. But that spread the fear of them faster. They were demonized and the great purge began. A movement to forever eliminate the crackis by eradicating them all. Although no government outright backed the purge, many turned a blind eye to it. Millions were culled. Some crackis settlements destroyed. The crackis ran, hid, and begged to at least be allowed to live out their lives. The evangelical plantis fought for their rights, but as many believed the plantis sought to gain from crackis continued existence, it largely fell on deaf ears. Yet enough had compassion to coerce the Galactic Federation to put an end to the purge. They also put an end to crackis rights. As no crackis was born legally, none would be given legal status. They could not work, they could not own property or stocks, or anything that might grant a sense of worth. If death was too harsh, society would try to starve them out of existence. It hasn’t worked to eliminate the crackis existence, but it has helped to keep their numbers in check. However, non-sentient crackis are routinely culled whenever found.

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