Just finished putting some polish onto the script for Brute #4 and, wow, is it a fun issue with our first in-depth episode with Captain Jeerrrecko aka Vanguard and his crew of bounty hunters. Action! Suspense! Twists and turns! Laughs! Tragedy! When Vanguard’s perchance for impulsive action gets them in over their heads, can he find a way to save them all, and still capture their bounty? You’ll have to wait to see. As for Rose and Brute… well, first they need to survive Jorj and his three gigantic henchmen in Brute #3 (see sneak peek image below).

Speaking of Brute #3 – Owen continues to deliver amazing page after page! I can’t wait for you guys to see what he’s come up with for you. Owen manages to really capture the heart and soul of the characters while filling the pages with all out action and drama as Rose and Brute fight for her freedom and his life. You won’t be able to put this book down until you’ve read every last page. The sometimes tragic story we had to call the ‘Price of Freedom’.

In case you missed the news, we’ve gotten restock of Brute #0-#2 thanks to the wonderful folks at Studio Comix Press and they look amazing! Great quality with bright colors that make the art pop.

So if you’re not yet caught up, you can now purchase print (and digital) copies of Brute #0-#2 (and pre-order #3 but we’re not guaranteeing any date yet) from our store at: brutecomic.com/shop. All issues are shipped with board/bag in padded envelope to get to you securely.

If you’re in Ontario – our convention tour continues in July:
July 10 – Niagara Falls (popculturecanada.ca)
July 23 – Orillia (cottagecountrycomiccon.com)
August 20th – Collingwood (popculturecanada.ca)
September 11th – Barrie (popculturecanada.ca)

It’s going to be an exciting summer season! More news soon. In the meantime enjoy the splash page for Brute #3 now beautifully coloured by the amazingly talented Brooke Newhart!