It’s been a while since we gave you an update on Brute, but our quietness hasn’t meant we haven’t been hard at work on the adventures of the galaxy’s toughest ‘teddy bear’!


Brute – Issue #2 is now out and available for sale!

The wait is over

Find out where Rose has escaped slavery to (hint: it’s not an improvement).

Discover Brute’s origin – and why he’s called, ‘Brute!’

Meet G.O.B.B.Y. the brightest (literally) and newest member of our cast.

More Action! More Drama! More Brute!

Available in .pdf and soon in digital and print.

PLUS there’s more!
Artist Owen Keenan and I (Preston Squire), will be live at Fan Expo Canada: Limited Edition 2021 in Toronto, October 22-24!

This is terribly exciting for us, as this will be our first live appearance with Brute (we did have some planned for 2020 but we all know what happened to those). It’ll be great to meet some fans, create some fans, and to be fans of the incredible line-up of talent that’ll be there!

At our booth we’ll have all three issues of Brute available, buttons, magnets, heck even t-shirts if you want them! Plus a cos-player!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for photos and updates live from Fan Expo Canada and of course we’ll be updating you here on our newsletter as well once we’re back home.

And if there’s anything you want us to show your from Fan Expo – let us know!