As more and more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions ease, Owen and I are already starting to plan on how to get ready to, finally, start going to conventions!
I’d been planning to take Brute to a lot of conventions in 2020 and had even booked at one, but that clearly didn’t happen for obvious reasons and 2021 hasn’t been any better.

However, down in the States, conventions have restarted, and I’d be there, if it wasn’t for the punitive travel restrictions (needing to stay in a hotel for days upon return to Canada). However, I’ll soon be fully vaccinated (I hope) and as such, free to travel back and forth once again, like some long forgotten memory of what life used to be like. Also, with luck, conventions here in Canada will restart by the fall.
So while digital comics are all well and good for online sales, we now need copies of Brute in print, along with some other goodies to entice people to come to our table and see what we’re all about. Here’s a picture of some of what we have in store.

These print comics look amazing! And yes I’m biased, but they look really sharp and I can’t wait to get them into people’s hands. We’ll also have print copies of issue #1 and (probably) #2 ready to go for convention-session as well. Very exciting and I can’t wait to meet some of you in person!
The shirt I had done up for Owen and myself to wear while at conventions, but if people are interested in owning one, I can certainly make that happen.
So let us know in the comments below – where would you like us to come to (major conventions near you)? Do you want to order a print copy? Or buy a t-shirt? What freebie goodies would you love to see?