Lots of exciting news for you today in our weekly update on all things Brute!
The third and finally part of the trilogy of stories that make up Brute Issue #0 will soon be going to print courtesy of our friends at Yeet Presents.
You can sign-up for Yeet Presents at: patreon.com/yeetmagazine and be on the list to grab Yeet #40 which aside from Brute and Rose also stars a double-helping of Shane Luttrell’s Suzie Steam for even more sci-fi adventures. Plus the continuation of Mike Jone’s Black Fury and more!
Meanwhile finished art is nearly complete for Brute Issue #1 and coloring is well underway! We hope to launch Brute Issue #1 in January, so expect to hear more on that soon.
With art of Brute #1 nearly ready, it also means the writing for Brute Issue #2 is also well underway. Currently I’m doing mock-ups from the initial script. What are mock-ups you asked? (or didn’t, but I’ll tell you anyway.) Mock-ups are where I, as writer, sketch out the story as it’d appear on the illustrated page. This never goes to the artist, but is a useful tool to help me identify when I’ve tried to squeeze too much detail into a single panel or too much story or action onto a single page. Once I’m done with mock-ups, I’ll do final revisions on the script and off it’ll go to artist Owen Keenan to begin doing his own mock-ups (which will be 100 times better than mine), which come back to me, the writer, for review before illustrating begins in earnest.

Reminder – You can now see previews all the Brute stories on our website brutecomics.com and see our new wiki section with more details on characters (and soon, races, places and events within the Bruteverse).

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