1985 – I’m in line, griping about the cost I’m about to pay, but it’s worth it, as I was stepping into history. I’d read about the San Francisco and New York comic conventions, but never had there been one in Canada, and in my hometown of Toronto. I HAD to be there. Had to see what it was all about.

I don’t remember much from that convention, it was quite small by today’s standards, and I don’t think they had attracted any really ‘name’ talent to come. So it was mostly rows of comic vendor’s selling comics.

One thing did stand out, at one booth a guy was peddling his still fledgling indie comic, a black and white affair, pretty much unheard of at the time when all comics were color (except magazine-style Conan and the like). I picked up a copy and flipped through it. The art was decent and lots of action, but I’ll always remember thinking, ‘Teenage… Ninja… Mutant… Turtles…? Phffft! This will never sell.’ I put it down and continued on my way.

Of course, if I had the benefit of foresight, I’d have bought every single issue he’d bought with him (or at least every issue I could afford). It’d be a goldmine now! The Ninja Turtles need no introduction, being household names, having starred in a variety of comic series, TV cartoons, motion pictures, video games and I could go on and on.
Did Eastman (or maybe it was Laird) care I didn’t buy their comic? Sure it’d been nice, but no, not really. They believed in what they were doing. My purchase didn’t really matter to them. But it mattered to me. I missed out! I could have been there from the (almost) beginning!

Who you calling, ‘Cute?’

This is how Owen and I feel about our comic, Brute. About the angriest (and strongest) “teddy-bear” in the galaxy, his human companion, Rose, and a bunch of misfit would-be bounty hunters trying to ‘make it’ in a hostile universe. Brute is fun, at times funny, action packed, sometimes heart-warming, sometimes heart-wrenching, silly, yet serious space saga that acts as a reflection on how we treat each others, and how we treat ourselves. About overcoming our own natures and about finding faith in something greater than ourselves – or not – and where that leads us in life.
I truly believe that this series, once word gets out, could become something HUGE. Don’t make my mistake. Get involved now, help shape it. Become part of the magic.
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