It’s Wednesday, so we’re back with your weekly Brute update and insights.

We’re going to be in print!

Our initial mini-story ‘Supply Run’ is being included in the print anthology comic YEET! #36 (or maybe #37) out soon.

Of course the follow-up stories – Buyer’s Remorse and Living Legend and the collected Brute Issue #0 (which includes all three) are all available now digitally at insanely low prices until the end of the month.

As we continue to work on Issue #1 – which recounts how Rose and Brute first meet, we also continue upgrading the website – adding a new Overview Page so visitor’s can get a better sense of what Brute is all about.

As a bonus I’m including some designs for one of the many alien races that inhabit the ‘Bruteverse’ – Dzillitarions.  Dzillitarions come in two distinct species which evolved separately over centuries on different continents  Eventually they discovered, and waged many wars against, each other, before learning to co-exist peacefully (mostly) which helped progress their races into the space age and being an early member of the Galactic Alliance. 

Dzillitarian ‘Kittens’: The smaller of the two species, are the apex predators on their continent. Fast, agile, strong and smart they dominated all life on their continent and built up many powerful and competing empires.  When they first set sail across the vast Dzillitarian ocean and discovered a new world, they found the people there to be weak, passive but technologically advanced.  Early trading, quickly led to war for valuable tech and resources.

Dzillitarion ‘Long-necks‘: The larger of the species are peaceful herbivores, often under threat from predators, but they succeeded through higher intellect.  While they sometimes had disagreements between tribes, they always found trade was more profitable than war.  It wasn’t until they encountered ‘Kittens’ that they started turning their technological know-how to weapons.  What they lacked in physical prowess, cunning and ferocity compared to their evolutionary cousins, they made up for in tactics, tech and when needed – sheer size.