Wanted to wish all our Canadian fans a Happy Canada Day (I know, it was yesterday, I’m late getting this post out – sorry). And a Happy Independence Day to all our America fans!


Owen is just putting the finishing touches on Page 6 of Issue #1.
I’ve added preview pages for the mini-comics for sale – including an awesome fight sequence with Rose – You can view them at the Shop.

And I’ve rewritten the home page as follows:

Journey with Rose and Brute, two wayward souls, stranded in space, just trying to survive and ‘do the right thing’ (whatever that means) but usually, making a bigger mess of things.

A tale of friendship, hardships, and overcoming one’s own demons, while trying to find peace and love in a hostile galaxy.   

Brute is an epic space opera, told from a very personal perspective.

Coming Next:

I’ll be adding an overview page to the site and at Owen’s suggestion – an wiki page (Encyclopedia Brutanica) with information on the various alien races, tech, history, etc in the Bruteverse.

If there’s something you’d like to see – page roughs, sneak peaks, interviews, etc, let us know!

Speaking of sneak peaks – here’s a page, featuring Rose, from ‘Living Legend’