Hi Fellow ‘Outcast’,

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Speaking of missing updates – be sure to read artist’s Owen Keenan’s post on what he’s learned doing Brute or my Facebook stream if you haven’t already.

I purposely didn’t prep anything to say for my live-stream, because I know it’s very easy to continually be “getting ready to get ready” and never taking action, so I took a page from Captain Jerrreecko’s book, and just jumped into action.

However, my wife after said I should be more open as to why writing Brute is important to me, so I’m here to rectify that.

There’s a lot of reasons, but in writing Brute (and I’m 7 issues scripted and have outlines for hundreds of stories) one recurring theme is tolerance and acceptance of others. When your dealing with a galactic society one core fundamental you quickly realize is essential, is every member of society has to be willing to embrace each other as equals no matter how alien – how different they are physically, religiously, belief-wise, etc. Otherwise it’s endless war with catastrophe consequences for all.

And when I hear stories like that of Ahmaud Arbery who was gunned down because he jogged into a neighbourhood where he was the wrong color, I realize that despite all our Star Wars/Star Trek/GotG/Mass Effect/etc. space sagas – we are no where’s near ready to even be in a galactic society (let alone lead one). After all, if we can’t respect the value of someone who is 99.9% identical to us, how do we learn to co-exist with beings .1% identical to us?

It’s my hope, that with Brute, I can help move us a little closer to that goal. Of learning, no matter our differences, we’re all in this together, and we’re stronger together.

What’s next?

We’re in talks with a talented graphics designer who has expressed an interest in doing coloring for Brute so hopefully we’ll have more news on that soon.

The next (and final) chapter of Brute Issue #0 is complete, entitled ‘Living Legend’ and features this rugged guy (pictured). Rose seeks the crew of the SMS Samuel Hearne for desperately needed knowledge, but they have other plans for her…

Owen is working on some amazing character art that I can’t wait to share with you.

We’d planned to have Issue #0 ready for comic conventions this year, but it’s seemingly increasingly unlikely that any will happen in 2020 at all. We remain undaunted and we believe in Brute, so we’ll find a way to move forward with this series (more on that to come.)

Until then, please comment and share, what’s your favourite space saga and why? (from any medium – movies, books, video games, etc.)