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Rose recruits an old friend to help her track down the crew of the SMS Samuel Hearne.

Fun Fact:

Who and what is Officer Lullumon?

Species: ‘Tripeds’ or ‘Faux Walkers’ (Earth slang) are tri-symmetrical beings – meaning like Earth animals can be cut into two near identical sides, creatures from ‘Triped’s’ world can all be divided into near identical thirds.
Tripeds are one of only two ‘known’ tri-symmetrical races. The other being Xylanterians (aka Tripods, aka Spinners). Unlike Xylanterians who commute using all three legs (pivoting from one to the next to the next – hence the nick-name ‘Spinners’) ‘Tripeds’ walk on only two legs at a time, and ‘face’ in one particular direction, so effectively they commute like bipedal species do. The arm and leg not in use curl ‘behind’ the direction they are facing and grasp each other until needed. Unlike bipeds though, ‘Tripeds’ don’t turn around, they merely switch legs to go in a new direction.