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Now that Rose has decided she needs to talk to the humans they’d met – and violently confronted – first she needs to track them down. She begins with the last place she saw them.

Fun Facts:

Some local interstellar species that reside along the outer Pereus and Orion arms of the Milky-Way Galaxy are believed to be the stuff of legend – Earth legends. It’s believed that some members of these races visited Earth in the distant past (illegally, as visiting primitive worlds is forbidden) and early humans spotted them and those reports became the stuff of Earth mythology.

In today’s episode we see two of these species:

Bovines” – These beings are stocky, bipedal, humaniods with glistening skin that ranges from gold to bronze to brown, covered in fur along their upper chests, heads and backs and outer parts of their arms and legs. They have features similar to Earth large-grazing animals, including horns that range from straight, to bent, to wavy or spiraled. They are shorter than humans, about 4′ – 5′ in height, but much heavier-set with massive barrel chests and arms. They are peaceful, easy-going and slow to anger, but an angry bovine can be a substantial threat. They are believed to the genesis of both minotaurs and pans (which are similar to bovine children) of human myth.

Mermaid-Eels” – Aquatic beings with prehensile split-tongues and split-tails that substitute for their lack of limbs. They are 7-8′ in length and body-wise look most similar to an eel. They can slither on land while holding the upper 1/3 of their body erect. However they have remarkable large and human-like eyes and mouths. On their fronts they have twin sacks that, while serving a different function, appear similar to human breasts. They are thought to be behind human’s mermaid sighting – hence the colloquial name.