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I thought I’d start by answering some of the more obvious questions, but if there’s something you’d like to know, message or email us and we’ll answer the best questions here.

Q: Is Brute a teddy  bear?

A: No.  Brute is a bruin, from the planet Bru.  Bru is colder than earth (liquid water only exists at the equator) and has a gravity six times that of Earth.   Life shouldn’t exist on such a world, yet somehow, it does.   Due to the crushing gravity, Brute (aka Kodee) is the strongest known being in the galaxy.  He’s also far denser, heavier and tougher due to high gravity.  Lastly, his reaction time is far quicker than a human (or most other races), because bruins need to be able to react quickly enough when something, or they, fall (and things fall faster in higher gravity). 

Q: Why is Rose pink?

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